We build houses. Have been for years! Certifiably the best house for your money. How do we do this you might say? Well, we have a set standard for our architectural design, framing and finishing work that falls well within the boundaries of being an Energy-Star Home. In fact, all of our buildings are constructed to exceed international buildings codes set forth by the International Code Council.

We are a trained energy-crafted home builder, using advanced construction techniques to maximize energy efficiency. We not only use high levels of insulation and very tight construction, but we also design the whole house as one integrated system, providing plenty of fresh air and controlling moisture. These three factors: Energy efficient construction, ventilation, and moisture control work in unison to provide comfort, durability, and extremely low energy use. We make every effort to hand select our lumber through every stage of the building process. This ensures that the house is built solid, plumb, and square.

If our construction method wasn't enough, we are also a certified, geothermal installer. These systems tap into the reserve energy that lay dormant within the surface layer of the earth and transfer it into heat, hot water, and cool air for the summer. You cannot get more efficient than this. To find out more, you should take the Geothermal Tour. These systems are tried, tested, and approved, and are more affordable than you think. If you own a home or are building within our area, call us and we will gladly fill you in on all these details.

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