Testimonial written by James Frasch and Laurie Meyer

October 1, 2006

Tom built our Acorn house in Hollis from 1999 to 2000. He did a great job, and we would highly recommend Tom to others who need a reliable builder. Specifically, he did a great job in the following areas:

  • Tom understands Acorn houses. Acorns are pre-manufactured houses, that are out together somewhat like a puzzle. The wall sections are delivered in a number of pieces and the builder has to put  them together in a specific pattern that is detailed on the engineering drawings.
    The builder is not responsible for many framing materials, they all come from Acorn. This type of house requires a builder who can think a little "outside the box," and Tom is very comfortable with this technology.
  • Tom is very adaptable to new ideas. As an example, we decided to work through PSNH, whereby we would meet a very difficult Energy Star rating, and we would utilize a Geothermal heating system. The end result is a considerably more energy efficient house, and lower utility bills (estimated at 50% less). This was Tom's (and ours) first experience with this PSNH program, and we most definitely threw a lot of new ideas at him. Tom was very patient with this entire process, took the time to understand the most important aspects, and we ended up with a very efficient house. The house is all electric (no combustible fuels), and heats using the well water as the fuel source. We would definitely do this again!
  • Tom is not afraid to change something in mid-stream. For example, after our house was framed, we all agreed that the kitchen eating room did not lay out as nicely as it looked on paper, because the room was too narrow. To make things more difficult, the only wall that was possible to move was also load bearing. Tom agreed and came up with an idea to utilize new exposed beams to support the load above this wall, and to essentially move the wall itself two feet into the garage. The idea was presented to the Acorn architect, who concurred, and the wall was moved within a week.
  • When there is a choice of methods to finish a task, Tom will typically point out the correct high quality methods and tell you why he recommends this. This is not to say that Tom will not make recommendations on how to save a dollar, but his inclination is to do things right the first time and he appreciates good quality. This worked well for us, but we were trying to build a somewhat maintenance free house, and we came pretty close. We specifically remember Tom pointing out to us how Acorn manufactured the main stairway, saying that this is the right way and the stairs would not squeak. They still don't squeak (at all!), after six years with three boys running up and down them.
  • Tom is not afraid to admit he made an error and will fix things promptly. We have built a number of houses, and this is typically the biggest problem with builders in general. We conversed often with Tom, basically every evening we reviewed everything that was happening. Anytime we ran into something, Tom fixed it right away rather than have things linger. We appreciate this.
  • Tom keeps personally involved in the build. This is what we like. We don't want to chase the builder around town when we have a lot invested in this process. We liked the idea that Tom would be on site everyday, and that is one of the main reasons we chose him. He was most definitely there for every aspect.
We are extremely happy with our house, and we are happy to share our experience with any potential customers of Tom.
Best of luck,
James Frasch
Laurie Meyer

Testimonial written by Scott and Susan Davis

November 14, 2006

     This letter is in reference to our recent experience in purchasing a new home from Tom Rosswaag of Native Construction. My wife and I had made the decision to move to New Hampshire last year (2005) and were shopping for a new home for our family. Since this was to be our fourth home purchase, we were experienced in these matters, and to put it mildly, were educated customers. Additionally, in the past, I had worked directly in the building industry and have come to know a great deal about architectural design, quality construction, and community layout. We are a family of four with two children ages 11 and 7. Both of our children suffer from sever allergies to dust, mold, etc., and our 11 year old suffers from asthma as well. In searching for our new home, indoor air quality was a strong concern for us.

     Because we were moving to New England, we wanted a unique, quaint, historic style home. But because of my childrens' allergy concerns and my work schedule, an historic house, which can often be a labor of love, and is not the best for indoor air quality, was not an option. As a result, we had decided on a new home. This was a difficult proposition because it is very difficult to find new home builders who care about anything other than a profit, and who take the time to show attention to detail that the craftsmen of an earlier time possessed. Also, in choosing a community, we wanted to avoid the urban sprawl type of new housing development that plagues our environment with a series of poorly built, over sized, two story colonials. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found Native Construction, and immediately saw the exceptional value that existed in these homes. The things that struck us most were:

COMMUNITY LAYOUT- Native Construction preserves the natural beauty and builds communities that blend into the landscape and minimize environmental impact. Areas are not overbuilt, allowing good spacing and privacy between homes.

QUALITY OF CONSTRUCTION- As stated earlier, I have experience in the building industry, and am an experienced home buyer. I had the opportunity to see the finished product as well as new construction sites. I stopped by a job site unannounced and noticed immediately that the site was kept clean and was very much in order. Inside saw dust was kept to a minimum, and constant attention was given to keeping dust under control. This is very important in new home construction because the dust that is left behind ends up becoming a permanent fixture in your new home. Native Construction understands this, and as a result, cleaning becomes a key component of building their homes. Also, corners are not cut with building materials, even on spec homes. Quality windows, doors, roofing materials, and lumber are standard.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL- Clapboard siding, not vinyl. Geothermal heat, not forced, hot air oil. Energy Star home rating. Fresh air exchanger. Real, high quality hardwood and tile flooring. Granite countertops. Higher-end fixtures. Recessed lighting. 9' ceilings, full basement, and beautiful landscaping... the list goes on and on. The bottom line is that you are purchasing a home that somebody loved, not a banged up 'McMansion.'

ECO FRIENDLY- Minimal environmental impact. A large portion of our land for our community was given to the town as a conservation easement to minimize sprawl and preserve the integrity of the natural area. Geothermal heat and an Energy Star rating minimize the carbon footprint of our home, and is extremely energy efficient.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT- When you buy a home, you enter into a long term relationship with the designer/builder. This has been a very positive experience. Tom cares about every home he builds and every customer he has. When we have had questions, he is always anxious to answer. We had a few small issues with electrical fixtures and appliances, and these issues were immediately addressed. Tom is there when you need him, and has tremendous pride in all his creations.

     In summary, our experience with Native Construction has been positive, to say the least. We have been in our home for over eight months, and I can say that this has been the best home buying decision that we have ever made. I have now had the opportunity to observe the construction of additional homes in my community, and I can say that I have never seen a builder take such pride in his work. Tom's houses are his babies. This sounds a bit corny, but it is true. He is at every job site every day. He shows up in the morning making sure that everything is okay. He shows up on the weekends to work out some of the detail work and make sure everything is clean. The bottom line is that he loves what he does and loves his homes, and it shows in every detail of their construction. These homes are not built simply to make a profit. They are built with a quality of construction and craftsmanship that has typically long since been forgotten. They are built to stand the test of time and preserve that natural and historic beauty of New England. To say that we are satisfied customers is an understatement.

Thank you Tom for allowing us to purchase your baby located at lot 4, 31 Stoneridge Drive, Peterborough, NH.

Scott and Susan Davis

Testimonial written by Maria M. Mead

July 1, 2009

 I bought my house from Native Construction, LLC in March of 2008. I can honestly say that the whole experience, from start to finish, was made easy for me by the attention paid to eve n the smallest details by Tom Rosswaag and his people. The house, unlike so many nowadays, is beautifully designed and built. The geothermal system is efficient, clean, and in these days of ever increasing fuels costs and concern for the environment, I am the envy of my friends.

This year i needed to add some bookcases downstairs and i called Tom and let him know what i wanted. The project was done on time, on budget, and once again I am thrilled with the results.

Tom and his team have been so helpful to me, i really can't say enough good about them. My house is a delight to me.


Maria M. Mead
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